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Trump campaign video echoes Nazis with ‘unified Reich’ reference

The Times/The Sunday Times 21 May 2024
Donald Trump’s campaign pointed blame at an employee after the former president’s social media account posted a video with references to a “unified Reich” and the German empire among hypothetical news headlines if he were to win the 2024 election.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews for a Secular One-State Solution in Palestine-Israel

GlobalResearch 21 May 2024
The reason one of the world’s wealthiest men of that time, Lord Nathaniel Rothschild, and the British Empire wanted a Jewish state in the middle of an Arab region of the world was to purposely create ...

What is war good for? Absolutely nothing.

Observer-Reporter 21 May 2024
Then the Byzantine Empire battled the Persians, Slavs and Islam. The Medieval era had Christians attempting to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim rule in the Crusades, while the Mongols under Genghis Khan created the largest land empire in history.

Biden accuses Trump campaign of using

The Daily Mail 21 May 2024
Reich, which means empire or kingdom in German, is associated with Nazi Germany's murderous Third Reich, although it also has associations going back to German unification in the late 1800s.

What the stalemates in Ukraine, Gaza mean for the US – and its place in ...

Indian Express 21 May 2024
The task before the US today is to do what it has already done twice following each of the World Wars, and create a new international order founded on a balance of power.

Roman Armor, the Backbone of the Ferocious Roman Warrior

Ancient Origins 20 May 2024
Rome created an empire that was amongst the most powerful in the ancient world ... From the early days of the Republic to the height of the Empire, Roman armor evolved significantly, reflecting changes in warfare, technology, and societal norms.

How copyright is killing creativity — except Taylor Swift’s

The Hill 20 May 2024
If giving people money encourages them to create, then surely giving them more money would encourage them to create more music, right? As one of us has documented empirically, the answer is actually no.

The scandal that brought down Donald Sterling finally gets the Hollywood treatment

The Los Angeles Times 20 May 2024
But unlike 'Winning Time,' which centered on then-Lakers owner Jerry Buss mixing athletics and entertainment to create an empire, the new project is more focused on the cultural and class issues shadowing Sterling's fall from grace ... “I'm a mixed girl.

Bitter feud between five billionaire brothers takes fresh twist after decades-long war over diamonds...

The Daily Mail 19 May 2024
... brother Haresh, a uber-rich diamond dealer, tried to swindle him out of his stake in a multi-billion dollar real estate empire ... I said, "I made this empire,"' Shashi testified ... I created this empire.

Cosplay and fun return to Ontario at Comic Con Revolution

Daily Bulletin 19 May 2024
The Inland Empire’s ... The goal is to create an “unforgettable experience” for fans in the Inland Empire, the website says ... Southern California unemployment dips to 4.3% as 23,000 jobs created in April.

8 of the richest Playboy Bunnies, models and girlfriends in 2024 – net worths, ranked: ...

South China Morning Post 18 May 2024
Hugh Hefner created the Playboy empire, and with it came the Playmates and Bunnies … so who are the women who made it to the top? From Pamela Anderson to Diane Hendricks … ... .

Here's when you can play Star Citizen for free

Eurogamer 18 May 2024
"A variety of collaborative in-game events designed in the spirit of 'One Empire', and how each citizen’s individual contributions help create ...

Some Airbnb hosts run over 20 properties. Here are the 15 cities these megahosts dominate ...

Business Insider 18 May 2024
MorlanSome successful short-term-rental hosts add properties to their portfolios, creating mini empires.In some cities, hosts with more than 20 listings account for 50% or more of all Airbnbs and Vrbos.

Empire Of The Sun share reflective single ‘Music On The Radio’ and announce their first ...

NME 17 May 2024
Empire Of The Sun have announced their first album in eight years, ‘Ask That God’, and shared their joyful new single ‘Music On The Radio... Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele.